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Sara Zellner

Founder & Owner,

Saz Healthy Living


Early life lessons in sustainability, health and wellness inspired me to help others.

To some extent, we are all shaped by our childhoods, and I'm no exception! 

Growing up in a rural area, my dad would stop to collect trash that others had tossed into roadside ditches. We'd bring any aluminum cans we collected to the recycling facility nearby. While it seemed insignificant at the time, these small actions taught me to respect our environment and preserve its health.

My personal health and wellness journey also began early in life when as a chubby child, my mom challenged me to do 30 sit-ups a day in exchange for allowing me to get my ears pierced. I took that experience to heart and have continued to embrace health and wellness ever since.

I was fortunate to have such supportive parents, for whom environmental and personal health were essential. Now I wish to provide you with guidance and support to help you achieve your sustainability and health and wellness goals.

Community Garden
Green Patio

Sustainability, health and wellness have continued to be a driving force in my life.


Professionally, I obtained a PhD, and my career took me into business consulting in sustainability, health and wellness. Personal experiences have further reminded me of their importance in order to nourish myself physically, mentally and emotionally.


Along the way, I realized that I can use my knowledge to help people like you explore your own path of sustainability, health and wellness. So I armed myself with the skills to make that happen. I'm certified in health coaching and personal training through the American Council on Exercise (ACE), with specializations in nutrition and active aging, and am a Certified Life Coach.

Change isn't easy. I know from experience...


But working together, I can help you make those changes to realize your dreams and get you where you want to be.

And my continued professional and personal knowledge in sustainability, health and wellness can help guide your own journey.

Woman Working in Garden

Live the Life You've Been Dreaming About

Contact us to begin your journey to sustainability, health and wellness.

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