3-Minute Topics & Tips: Our New Video Blog Series

I enjoy blogging and sharing written content that serves to update you about trends in sustainable living and health and wellness. However, I recognize that reading is not everyone's preferred way to learn.

To mix things up and inform you of these trends in a new way, I've created Saz Healthy Living's 3-Minute Topics & Tips, my video blog/vlog.

Why 3 minutes? There's only so much time in a day, and I want to honor your limited time while bringing you valuable information.

Plus, I've always been a fan of content that's succinct and summarizes the essence of what you need to know. That's not to say that details aren't important, but 3-Minute Topics & Tips can deliver pertinent knowledge, spark your interest in a topic, and allow you to delve into it in greater depth elsewhere.

To share 3-Minute Topics & Tips, I'll still create blog entries for them just like this so you can find all of my content in one central location. However, I encourage you to subscribe to my YouTube channel to receive the latest vlog updates, too.

Going forward, I'll continue to write blogs in addition to the 3-Minute Topics & Tips vlogs so as to better cater to learners of all types.

3-Minute Topics & Tips: COP26

Without further ado, here is the inaugural vlog for 3-Minute Topics & Tips, which covers COP26, the United Nations' 2021 Climate Summit that took place last month in Glasgow, Scotland.

Check out 3-Minute Topics & Tips below!

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