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Personal Training

For our personal training services, Saz Healthy Living offers online personal training sessions to meet your unique fitness needs. With our background in aging fitness--including accommodations for different health problems and physical limitations--we provide you with expert instruction that prioritizes the following features:  

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  • Safety: Saz Healthy Living is there to ensure that you are doing each exercise correctly, with the correct equipment and proper form. We modify exercises to accommodate any limited mobility, poor balance, weakness, and more to keep you safer.

  • Exercises Appropriate for Your Fitness Level: We understand that fitness levels can vary given previous levels of activity, injuries, and health conditions. With this knowledge, we adjust our workout programs accordingly to improve your strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, and endurance based on your unique situation.

  • Personalized Instruction: Unlike group exercise, Saz Healthy Living tailors workouts to your fitness goals and provides individualized feedback to maximize your workouts. As you make progress toward your goals, we can increase the intensity, modify movements, or add new exercises. Everything is based on your needs, not a general, standardized program.


We work with any fitness level--from beginners to advanced athletes. In addition, our online personal training does not require you to invest in fitness equipment. We work with what you have!

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